Do you feel demotivated in the game because of the low diamonds? do not know how to get free fire infinite diamonds? do not worry in the guide we will guide you through the tricks and tips how to get Garena free fire hack guide most used in this game to give you a push in the game experience.

Say you are a beginner or an advanced player who wants to defeat other players with good weapons and good furs and resources, this is the right place.

About the game Garena free fire

Garena Free Fire is a game that is becoming viral and is becoming one of the best shooting games of this era, is basically a real battle in which you play against other players and fights between them to survive in the end you must play strategically and intelligently because other players will be much more powerful than you in most cases.
The game has more than 100 million active players worldwide and goes up and down every time, this game is a complete success along with PUBG and Fortnite, you can download the game in playstore or itunes.

Tricks to win and get Garena free fire diamonds easily.

It’s better not to get involved in fights, just hide until the end, also make sure you have a Shot-Gun with you as it’s very useful at the end…… It’s also good to have a vehicle at the end.

If you are a beginner, this complete game of tricks will help you win games and become a master and win more diamonds.

Choose your device carefully.

For example, if you’re an experienced CS GO player but new to the world of mobile video games, choose mobile enulators such as Bluestacks or Nox player. There are many videos on Youtube that will guide you through the settings.

Adjust the HUD to your comfort.

Enable the left side trigger button (default is – is only enabled in range). Apart from the fire button, place the jump and range button correctly, as you will need to use them frequently in combat.

Adjust the sensitivity.

This is VERY CRITICAL and has a big impact on the game. Different players prefer different sensitivity settings. PC (emulator) users are likely to prefer lower sensitivity settings and also have to take into account the mouse dpi settings. Mobile users prefer a slightly higher sensitivity. Mobile users using Precise On Scope prefer a slightly lower sensitivity than Default users. And (this is obvious, but I would still mention it for noobs) remember that sensitivity settings decrease with range quality. The 8X/AWM oscilloscope is always set to the lowest sensitivity.

I always prefer to go alone.

Playing alone most of the time to learn more about the game and play with comfort and ease, don’t stress at first because you’re still learning the basics of the game.

Forget about mission ratings and all the elegant things in them, you’re not ready for that scenario yet.

Often land where a lot of people land but, at least in the beginning, avoid places the “Pros” prefer. Don’t try to avoid opponents, who for the next stage when you’re ready for the qualifying games. At first you won’t survive long, but this will help you get used to the game settings and exposure to many enemies will improve your game and increase your confidence.

Try a variety of weapons, either weapons or grenades. Try to find out which combination of weapons best suits your strategy.

Eventually you’ll be at the point where you can call yourself an amateur Free fire player.

Garena free fire hack

why Garena free fire hack is so important for your gaming experience ?

it is really that important to enhance your experience in game but most of the time you’ll get discouraged from playing when you’re out of diamonds or you reached a level where you can’t go above and unlock what you want, this is a serious issue and here comes the issue resolver is to just use our Garena free fire hack cheats tool.

How to get Free fire infinite diamonds and fast.

Here now the best trick in the game to get Garena free fire hack, is that others are using some tools to exploit the game and get more diamonds to easily win and unlock skins, characters and weapons in the game, in order to get quick diamonds use the tool below.

Garena free fire hack

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